battery trolley

Universal fit for all batteries up to 120Ah

The PowerAce X10 is a universal battery trolley for all batteries up to 120Ah. 

The X10 battery trolley meets all European and CE requirements and certifications.

The maximum dimensions of a battery to fit the trolley are 360 x 180 x 235 mm (length x width x height). The weight of the battery to carry around in the trolley is up to 35 kg. 

Terminal post (high current)

A traditional terminal post (high current) is fitted on the PowerAce X10 battery trolley. These terminal posts are directly linked to the Plus+ and Minus- of the battery inside. 

Product Mobility

The PowerAce X10 battery trolley is the world’s first truly portable box. Carrying around your heavy leaisure battery was never more easy with the X10 thanks to the integrated wheels and telescopic handle. The X10 makes this a lightweight and easy task.

Extendable telescopic handle

The PowerAce X10 battery trolley has a triple extendable handle made from durable aluminium. The black e-coating ensures a marine grade quality and a longlife product.

Integrated (detachable wheels)

The two integrated wheels on the PowerAce X10 battery trolley are made from a durable recycled plastic. Both wheels can be detached before fitting the battery box in the boat.

Smart connections

Battery Capacity Meter

The battery capacity meter gives the user useful information about the status of the battery. The display shows the battery capacity as a percentage (0-100%) and the battery voltage. In order to safe power, the battery box only displays the information if the button is pressed. 

Anderson connector

A 50A rated Anderson connector is fitted for connecting the electric outboard motor to the battery inside the trolley, without the need for any external cabling. The electric outboard can be easily plugged into the Anderson connector. 

Dual USB Socket

A dual USB socket is fitted to charge and connect any modern technology. The dual USB socket has a fast-charging (2.1 A) and normal (1.0 A) USB port. 

12V Socket

A 12V socket is fitted to charge and connect any 12V accessory. The universal and commonly used 12V socket can be used for anything that runs on 12 volts up to 10 A. 

Safety measurements

Automatic 60A fuse and extra 10A fuse

The PowerAce X10 battery trolley comes with a built-in automatic fuse. This 60 A rated fuse protects the outboard engine and battery from a too high electrical current. The fuse can easily be reset with a press of a button on the top of the box. Additionally a 10 A fuse has been built-in as an extra safety measurement, safeguarding the 12 V and USB outlets. 

Strap to hold the trolley together at all times

Every PowerAce X10 battery trolley is supplied with a high grade strap to fix the cover to the base. Fixing the cover to the base ensures that the battery will stay safe inside during rough water or any incident. The two-toned colour in the strap reflects the simplicity and innovation in the design of the battery box.